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ELV Systems

Although very sensitive, the Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) systems infrastructureincluding Data telephone infrastructure viz. Data cabling, Voice cabling, BGM, Electrical etc. are critical for the proper functioning of both residential and commercial buildings as they orient security, surveillance and data communication. The delicateness of these electrical systems that work on low voltagesdemands excessive vigilance as they include the objectives of greater control and safety.

With our exceptional expertise in the integration of ELV lifecycle, CityLink provides innovative technology and the latest automation framework while executing ELV systems.

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Public Address System

In order to hold the pace of changing trends inPublic Address system, City Link uses eminent brands like Bosch, TOA and Bose. The significance of PA systems keeps raising with its diversified uses likelife saving situations, instant messages broadcast for business and industrial infrastructure etc.

facilitatetechnical as well as administrativepersonnel of the industrial and constructional domains to broadcast messages to chosen zones and guide the workforce to take the right action. City Link uses state-of-the-art technology to install and maintain speakers, Intercom systems and microphones in public locations, institutional and commercial buildings.

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SMA TV , IP TV System

With our proficient Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV system) solutions, CityLink offers integrated cable signal grid that ranges from various satellite and broadcast signals. We pitch these services to distribute a cabling network in both residential and commercial buildings.

Each SMA TV System package of City Link consists of a satellite dish to converge the telecasted signals and a TV antenna that tune the channels of your choice and form a consolidated signal to give way for distribution. It is applicable not only for large domicile constructions but also for local cable sources as well. We also provide the integrated installation and maintenance support for IP based new generation TV Systems.

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Ethernet Switch

The technical experts of City Link realize its significance as a persuasive tool for sharinginformation. Our specialist consultants are well equipped to install core Ethernet Switches, to aid Powerful industrial communication networks which are the foundation for digitalized data communication.

Within these networks, data must be systematically and reliably distributed across all levels. Industrial Ethernet switches are perfect for the job. CityLink uses cutting-edge technology to secure perfect communication. The role of Citylink as an efficient provider of Ethernet framework with admirable output is remarkable. In this genre we design

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Structured Cabling

City Link structured cabling services provide comprehensive cabling solutions for multiple digital communication systems which in turn provides an integral telecommunication infrastructure. Both fibre and copper cables are used for preparing the framework for digital systems including telephone, wireless, CCTV and other data connectors. The uniqueness of our structured Cabling solutions is the anticipated planning we do in view of the the future developments and requirements of the communication system.

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