We have the privilege of working with some of the
most well-known companies in the world Services

  • Perfect Turn around Time is the key term that keep us linked with CityLink even for our next business.

  • We are very happy with the service. We wanted a basic service but CityLink gave an offer that ticked all the boxes without charging anything extra.

  • The very best customer service one can possibly experience from any ELV service provider

  • Excellent service. Loved it. Technicians are supportive and calm

  • We really do appreciate the service. We will surely return to you if there is any further project

  • On-time delivery and prolonged post-sales service even after the guarantee period is over

  • 2014


  • 200

    Projects done

  • 80%

    Clients retention

  • 1M


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The advantages of City Link ELV solutions

  • Durable devices systems

  • Competent voice, data, audio video signals

  • Better network bandwidth and advanced troubleshooting

  • Superior cabling infrastructure to match your business needs

  • Larger cabins with well-organized distribution panels and cables

  • Manifold services with unfluctuating quality

  • Teamwork & cordnating

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